Surprise Shawty!

It was President Day weekend 2022. My period was late but I wasn’t *too* worried about it since I had an IUD. I bought a bottle of Fireball and a pack of pregnancy tests at Target. I figured if I didn’t get my period over the weekend I’d take a test on Monday. Well, while drinking the fireball I got the bright idea to take a test. 10 out of 10 don’t recommend drinking and taking a pregnancy test. The emotions that ran through me can not be described. “We will never financially recover from this” was repeated multiple times. Thanks Tiger King! I also threatened to throw myself off of my porch a few times. Thanks Fireball! I had delivered 4 babies already and my last delivery had been very traumatic. I didn’t even like babies anymore. All the kids were going to be in school. The oldest was graduating high school! I was done with babies. Or so I thought.

It took a good 2+ months to be ok with having another baby. I felt terrible for not being excited right away. I was scared and anxious. This wasn’t in the plans. It shouldn’t have happened. I had an IUD for f**k sake! I know I’m not the only woman to experience those emotions. We need to normalize women’s emotions when it comes to pregnancy. The good, the bad and the ugly. My pregnancy was hell and my delivery was completely different than anything I’ve ever experienced. It was a long 9 months and in the end it did all work out. I’m one of the lucky ones. Yes, I am absolutely in love with my little boy and I wouldn’t change our journey for anything. He taught me more about myself when I already thought I knew everything. 💙